Craig is talking to me in my backyard, but it's my backyard from when I was very young. I think I'm sitting in a lawn chair and he is standing, playing with something in his hands.

He asks me why he doesn't lose weight when he takes adderall. I told him he does, it's just not a noticeable amount, and that he'd have to go on some sort of binge if he was going to use that drug to lose weight.

He doesn't seem to hear me or care.

I was in the backyard with Janey and we were lying on a black and red checkered blanket. She had an orchid in her hands.

We talked and ended up making out. All of a suddon we were in the middle of a stadium. The stands were full and they were cheering for us.

I was moving into a new house. Actually I should say WE were moving, as various combinations of my family were involved in different times in the dream.

Anyway...the new house was on a cliff leading down to a private beach. The bottom floor consisted to just two bedrooms..the room that was to be mine, and the room that was to be alternatively my son's or my brother's. The rooms were very nice and had sliding glass doors that led out to the beach. We noticed, however, that the high water mark was at about the level of the ceiling of the rooms. We weren't too concerned, as we figured that high water of that magnitude only came once every 50 years and we would just move our stuff upstairs for that storm.

The rest of the house was incredible..not fancy but just what we wanted. Very open in a sort of octagonal shape around a central closed in core. The people who moved out before left lots of stuff that we could just have. Some of it was food type stuff and furniture. The bathrooms were amazing...big jacuzzi tubs.

The garage though...that was the ultimate. It was really a warehouse. Hanging on computerized racks all the way to a very very high ceiling were surfboards, ocean kayaks, wetsuits, snorkels....all types of water sport apparatus. There was also a huge tank/tub thing that may have been a large jacuzzi. We were amazed and very very excited to discover all this cool stuff.

The house and grounds were perfect for me. There was even a little semi-enclosed porch where I could do my re-potting and grow tomatoes and other stuff. There was also a huge aquarium that just needed to be put back together.

Then we went back to the old house to see my mom who still was living there. I went to my room and was surprised to see that there was still a lot of stuff that I needed to take to my new house. I started stuffing clothes into backpacks.

There was a narrow bridge over a creek that led to my mom's house. We commented on the fact that when it flooded, she would be stranded.

Interpretation: Hmmm...flooding water seems to figure largely into this dream, but I'm never afraid of's just a fact to be dealt with. Water has always been spirituality in my dreams..but doesn't seem to fit here. Maybe it's the world that I can't change..and I"m accepting it? dunno.The houses old and new..obviously changes going on in my life. I'm moving into a new way of living..trying to be honest and facing problems...there is still stuff I have to deal with in "the old house" but it doesn't stress me out..I just pack it up to take it with me. My mom's house getting cut off by flood...obviously something I can't control (like her failing health) but something I have to accept.

It was an extremely positive I wanted to continue. I think my dream is telling me that changing my life as I'm trying to do is a good thing.

The sports equipment stands for all the stuff I've always wanted to do but never tried. In my new life (house) I'll have the chance to do things I want to.

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