I am sitting in a darkened, mostly white dining room in an unknown house. It seems to be about 6pm as the sun is low but it is still bright enough in this room for me to see. Joe is here and someone who I don't bother to look at.

I think we're smoking weed, or perhaps we're just conversing, but I start to feel as if I'm passing out, fainting. I see my vision rapidly darkening and my head approaches the floor. I try to speak, to let them know what's going on. I'm trying to say "I'm passing out," but I feel as if the words are coming stuttering out of me.

I stand up and ask Joe if I passed out. He said he guesses so, still remaining seated and looking unimpressed. He said I tried to say something before I fell down but I couldn't get the words out.

In my dream I live in Antarctica. I am aware I'm near the very tip of the Antartic Peninsula (the one that points towards Patagonia). Oddly, it's only mildly cold, and I'm perfectly able to stay outside. I know this is because it's summer. But on the other hand, it's night, which is impossible. There are about a dozen houses in the village I live, all of the neighbors are Scandinavian and very friendly. We hang out at someone's porch1 (maybe mine, I'm not sure) and chat.

Someone's 2- or 3-year old boy keeps on leaning at the balustrade1 and it collapses, repeatedly. Since we're at the second floor, I have to grab the kid every time so he doesn't go splat on the ground.

After the chat, I walk a few meters away from the house and I see a meteor shower. It's beautiful. One of the meteors hits the ground at visible distance (200m or so) and red-hot fragments jump up. I am mildly worried I might burn myself. Then I wake up.

1 The fence-like, wooden thing that keeps you from falling out. Please /msg me if "porch" and "balustrade" are the wrong words; I'll correct and delete this parenthesis. I'm not a native English speaker.

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