The only thing a spellchecker dose is make sure that each of the words in a text
is also a member of a set of allowed words, aka an dictionary.

What people believe spellcheckers do is correct there spelling terrors.

Glassy magazine covert go unproofread, no bodhi novices the glaring blenders;
they believe that job to have already been done,
well-drained to leave it to the machine, without question.
The system knows beast.

People see watt they expect to see, take it all for granite.
Ultimately: who caries? It's all being pumped in their subliminal like anyway.
Know exactly what I mean?

Are we talking about meaningless mistakes here, or a freudian slit?
Does this willing less to hand over our responsivities to our tools,
reveal an unconscious desire to rescind our birth rites?
Will nanny tech bring humanity to its adulthood,
or just give it a warm umbilical to cling to?

Should be a nodeshell. The title speaks for its elf, but can I shut up?