So I woke up early this morning. Like 8:15. I had a big day. So I got dressed in my red pants and sparkly scarf and took the bus to class because I was too lazy to walk. I got an A on my anthropology paper hooray! I guess this somehow justifies why I didn't go to lecture today? Then I went and had the best mocha Ive ever had at a campus cafe and studied anthropology until I got bored. Then I laid on a bench in the sun because its a beautiful clear blue sky day today!

Eeek then I went to math class. I was planning to talk to "piggy" today. He wasn't there, and class was starting so I got really pissed off and sad. He was messing up my plans! But he slipped into his normal seat so I was thrilled. And Caroline, one of my friends here, thought that he was checking me out. I was really jittery and nervous and I couldnt concentrate the entire time. Caroline said that she would disown me for the whole weekend if I didnt talk to him, so I followed him out of class and said hi to him! I introduced myself and asked him if he wanted to study sometime together or whatever. He said yes! And I asked him for his number and he even asked for mine. We were supposed to hang out tonight to do math homework. Hes a sophomore and lives in an apartment, and his name is Alex. Im still gonna call him piggy though. Hes so cute....

Then I rushed home and I was so happy that I made my roommate Dana a sandwich and wrote her a happy email. I wanted her to be as happy as me. And I got a letter from Laurel, an old but missed ex-best friend, and she said she still wanted to be friends with me! This is even a bigger deal than the guy thing, because friends before guys always! Ive been crawling back to her for a year and then when I finally try to give up she responds. Figures, but I hope we can even work out stuff.

So I was ecstatically happy for most of the day, but what goes up must come down. I called Alex and he said that he had a chemistry quiz early in the morning and he didn't know any of the math because he hadn't had time to look over it. He asked me if I normally did the homework on thursday, and I said no but I didn't have time because my friends were coming to visit me this whole weekend. So I guess we couldn't do homework tonight, but he said we could work something out for next week. A whole week I have to wait! Grrr....I was so looking forward to this. I hope he wasn't just being nice. Figures, figures, figures!

Oh well, I'm still proud of myself for talking to him anyway.