I had to get my blood drawn two days ago to be tested for mono. I suppose it cannot be determined if one has mono through any other way than a blood test, so I had no choice but to go through with it. I didn't really even see the point, because it's not like mono can be cured, but I guess it's better to know if you're infected with any kind of disease than to not know.

Even though I can drive, I had my mom take me because hospitals are scary and there's always paperwork to be filled out. I had been there before, so I knew where the lab was. I was hoping that it would be too crowded and we would have to go home or something, I actually don't quite remember what I was thinking, I just didnt want to get my blood drawn. But there was no one there, and they called me and my mom into a room. I had to sit down, I was weak as it was because I had not eaten in almost a day. I almost immediately started crying. Not the hysterical, baby kind of crying, but the quiet, dazed kind. I had been reduced to a little girl. I couldnt talk about it at the time.

The actual act in itself wasnt so bad. They laid me down because I have a tendency to faint, and I closed my eyes and hummed some random tune and waited for it to be all over. I dont know how much blood they took from me. I couldn't stand to look. I have a good vein, so they never miss it while putting the needle in my arm. I really don't think I could stand it if they didn't get it the first try.

When we were leaving my mom asked me how I ever thought I would be able to have kids, because when a woman is pregnant she has to get her blood drawn alot. So I thought about that. And I think I'm going to adopt.