Well today is another day according to my time zone and well today was today yesterday night in the E2 server. Well last night after I logged out of E2 to go home, I swung by my work. I finally got enough balls to go and quit my stupid job. I don’t know why I guess I just got tiered of closing every fucking weekend, taking the trash out when its raining, people bitching at me for their order when its not my fault, people going to the wrong restaurant and bitching that they had placed an order here and wanting it now because they were hungry. But what I think really got to me was taking out all of the dead rats out once a week now that was sick. But I don’t have to worry about money you see there was another reason why I quit. I already have another job that I think I will enjoy, I will work for H&R block as a receptionist. I will work with too people that I care for a lot one is my best friend Clearpebbles the other is her mom. Another reason for me quitting was because I knew that they wouldn’t give me the days off to go to the deum in two weeks and I really wanted to go. Well at least I got enough money taken away from me for taxes that when I get my return I will have enough to finally buy me a computer for my home then I wont have to be at school so early or so late doing stuff on E2. Well that’s about it let’s see how the rest of my day goes.