1) Define the problem:

Ask yourself: Just what situation am I being faced with here? Do I see the current situation clearly?

2) Gather information:

Ask yourself: What information do I need to help make a good choice? Who can I ask for some advice or ideas regarding this? Who has experience in these matters that I trust to give me some good advice? Where else could I go for additional information that could help? What kind of time frame am I dealing with?

3) Examine all alternatives:

Ask yourself: What choices or alternatives are there?

4) Weigh the consequences:

Ask yourself: What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the choices/alternatives? Who might my choices affect other than me?

5) Consider values and pressures:

Ask yourself: How do my values fit in with this? Is my choice legal or illegal? Is it dangerous? Is it appropriate? Does my choice go along with who I am and what I believe? Am I making a choice to be popular or look cool? Am I making a choice because I'm trying to "fit in"? What would my mom or dad or wife think about this?

Kinds of pressure that may influence your choice: Family pressure? Peer pressure? Media pressure? Self pressure? Societal pressures? (culture, religion, etc.)

6) Decide and plan:

Ask yourself: What decision and action plan have I decided on? Is my plan thorough? + Does it overlook something? Are the steps of my plan in a logical order?

7) Evaluate:

Ask yourself: How was my choice? What should I modify to stay on target and achieve my goal (if anything)? If faced with a similar situation, what would I do the same or differently?

Condensed Steps:

1) State the situation
2) List the options
3) Weigh the possible outcomes
4) Consider your values
5) Make a decision and act
6) Evaluate the decision