And without so much as a wisp of wind, I returned.

I haven't been to E2 in a really long time. I mean, a really really long time. I'd been visiting the site long before I first thought to log in. Then back in March, after creating my user, and a few unsuccessful posts, I stopped visiting. Whatever excuses I may come up with, I do realize that it was simple scorn on my part. I was being a whiny fuck. Upon retrospect, one of my posts was blatant crap, and the other was lacking any real content.

Then this weekend came along. You see, I was having a conversation with the girl I'm seeing about good books, ie - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. She brought up The Edible Woman, and this made me think of Books that will induce a mindfuck. I'm going to attribute all this to the fact that mindfuck is just such a memorable word. So I came back, started browsing, and remembered how much fun it was just to read stuff here. Hopefully I've improved in the writing aspect this time around.

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