The title of an indecently posthumous and bloated collection of 'previously unheard' recordings by the Beatles, released a quarter of a century after the demise of same. Spread over 3 double CD packages, far too many of the tracks are alternative versions of familiar Beatles songs created by mixing together different discarded takes from the original studio masters. Although there are some original and largely unfuckedaboutwith gems (an alternate version of 'I'm Looking Through You', a first take of 'Strawberry Fields', some nice solo recordings by George Harrison of his later Beatles songs), these albums are strictly for Beatles obsessives, historians and musicologists. When they were released, they were heavily advertised and promoted as items that the general public might be interested in, but that is very far from the truth, and the Beatles' outtake legacy would have been much better served by, say, a 4 disc boxed set, such as the one compiled for the Byrds.