my professor, who happens to be a she

i spent all day studying today..
i went to professor williams' office hours
in this tiny little room because she's only a visiting lecturer...
a room that she has to share w/prof. hennig.
there were at least ten of us, maybe fifteen
so we were spilling out of the room
and she was enthusiastic and concerned
intense and engaging
and it reminded me of the times in my life
when amazed at a teacher of mine,
i realize how much i appreciate her
and it makes me think of why i would want to teach.
to be able to inspire students like that
and ignite in them a passion for learning
whatever the subject may be. for a moment it makes me forget
that in our society,
in this home of the brave,
teachers are underappreciated, undervalued, underpaid.

and it made me sad since she's leaving

and she's not going to be here next year.
that i've only taken one of her classes
and it will come to a close this friday...

but i guess it's good
it's good because her next job will be better
because i bet she'll get a bigger office
instead of this closet

and they will let her teach.