it's just one of those days.
sitting around thinking of you listening to eighties music
not the shit that pervades the universe and that hive of annoyance known as school
'come on eileen' and its gay carnival atmosphere, or 'i want to know what love is'... i want you to shut the fuck up. your line fills me with disgust...

but the good stuff

you know
the childish, deceptivelybrilliant New Order whinging with which one can empathize
"whenever i get this way i just dont know what to say why cant we be ourselves like we were yesterday?"

the depeche mode sort of generality, not knowing any specific problem but knowing that life is crap.
the devo "you're all so fucking stupid, we're making fun of you in song and you're dancing to it" that sums up so much of how i feel

you're probably going to read this; i hope you don't feel bad. i've just been off. the rest of my family says it's sleeping... that i sleep a few hours when i get home and then i stay awake until 0 or 1 am. doing nothing and everything, learning small amounts of the subjects i want to learn and failing the rest
not caring helps a lot, you know?
april. in like a moderately decent occurence, out with suck.

i haven't been able to hear your voice in so long,
we haven't even been able to speak via these cold impersonal textboxes that everyone else seems to not curse

That song keeps playing in school... I'm at the conclusion that there was no Adam. the way they 'sing' those shitty lyrics

they're faking it. it's all just cliches. and i hate it.

whose sick joke is it to play a song about suicide in a school where so many are fucked up and sad and a child took his life last year.
it got me angry.
i dont usually get angry, but it just rubbed me the wrong way

the day before yesterday it played twice in a row between periods. do they expect us to keep or sanity, nay our lives, long with that sort of shit?

it's okay
had a bad day
hands are bruised from breaking rocks all day

"rebellion is impossible in a society in which there is no directional force to oppose"
-me, trying to sound clever