Oral exam today in German class, stage 1 of 2 for the final. We go in in groups of three, and are assigned individual or partner situations to converse about, rotating through the members of the group. In the course of the test, I was to do the following situations:

  1. Discussing with my partner our typical eating habits, of course a very common and natural topic for conversation.
  2. Describing my typical morning routine.
  3. Acting out a restaurant scene. I was the customer, my parner was the server.
  4. Describing a time when I was very sick as a child or teenager. I talked about when I had the flu and a fever of 104°. I couldn't sleep because my hips hurt. I was delirious. I watched Alice in Wonderland.

The exam went pretty well. I was far from fluent, but that's not the goal of a first-year class. I was able to communicate what I needed to.


My roommate and I returned our rented refrigerator today. We had had in since the beginning of the year, right in the middle of the room between the foot of his bed and my desk. It left a big hole in the middle of the room. The room is becoming disinhabited. It's time to leave. This is good.


As part of the pre-finals week festivities— ok, as the entirity of the pre-finals week festivities—every term there is the "Midnight Breakfast", which consists of the administration serving breakfast to students in the late evening. This spring, it also consisted of some twenty naked people running around the cafeteria. It was exciting.