A breakfast cereal manufactured by the Post corporation made out of wheat, barley, salt, and yeast, with a granular texture. It has very little to do with grapes or nuts. While wol may not appreciate the cereal, I find it has a hearty, complex flavor, though I do recommend letting it sit in the milk for a while to soften the granules a bit. Excellent hot or cold, and best served with a dab of honey. Grape Nuts are a very nutritious and dense cereal, with 6 grams of protein and 210 calories in each half cup. They are also an excellent source of iron and various other vitamins and minerals.

Post also manufactures Grape Nuts Flakes and Grape Nuts O's. I've never sampled such cereals, but I suspect that they be blasphemy.

phenylketonurics: that's what makes them so tasty.

Alas, the writeup above this was deleted. The author is unknown, but I preserve their anonymous brilliance here for posterity and the good of humankind: "Grape Nuts: all the texture of gravel, without the flavor!"