Winter cold keeps the pressed paper and thin bamboo strip curtain rolled down, backlit a soft white. Gentle warm summer finds a screen in the bottom half, small bees occasionaly negotiate their way between the layered thin metal grids that allow it to fit windows of varying sizes. These bees are placed under a jar, slid paper underneath, walked outside. The view through the top depends so much on how you aim yourself. Laying in bed breeze passing over, looking up passes through yellow green leaves of the walnut tree outside which are tangled lightly in a tandem of jet dark power lines. Light blue, occasional clouds sneak in between the leaves. From a sitting position the chip-sealed pot holed curbless road is visible along with parked cars on the road into which it terminates. Directly across is a very cute pink stucco house which belongs to my very aging neighbor Hilma. There used to be several other houses in the view, the university purchases and levels. Slightly sad about deconstructing neighborhoods, it is nice in the meantime while it opens small well trimmed grass fields to play and picnic in.