Morning morning. Wake up to the bell on the back door jingling. Someone is coming in. Its mom! She is looking at me funny. Oh. She is curious why I am sleeping on my living-room carpet. Its good for back pain silly. Talk with her for a while. Look over some photos. Gave her the run down on my Seattle trip (sunday - tuesday). Took a bath in my claw foot bathtub. Clean shaven. Feel reborn. Bike to work. Work/Slack/Work/Slack. Home. Cook black beans and rice. Add home made tomato sauce, tortillas, cheese. Lunch. Skateboard on campus with Tyler. Run from campus security. The escape is a success. Plan to watch casablanca tomorrow for the first time. Make a lot more phone calls regarding plans for tomorrow. Gonna be another busy day, in this busy month. Passport came in the mail. Yay!