Since I'm unemployed, yesterday I spent vast amounts of time in front of the computer getting my ass kicked (while kicking ass, if you play the game you'd understand) at Civilization 2. Very productive, no? So today I decided to venture out into the real world for my entertainment so I drove to Manhattan, home of the other major university in our state to have lunch with one of my friends from high school. She's doing a lot better now, this is a very good thing. Since my aunt who lives in Manhattan wasn't home, we went to the mall and hung out for a while (me spending money that I don't have in the meantime), and then just for the hell of it, I drove the extra hour to Salina just for Cozy Burgers. I got my sack of them and drove to a park and ate them, then drove right back home. It was a great day, and a beautiful drive. Apparently, I don't do enough driving around Kansas in the middle of summer because I never realized that this state could actually be beautiful. 20 years of living here and the realization dawns on me.

I got home and remembered that I needed razors, but I'd just been behind the wheel for God knows how many hours, so I decided to ride my bike to Wal-Mart instead. Man, I'm out of shape, that was a hard-ass ride. I can only run about a mile and a quarter before I have to stop and walk too, I remember when I did cross-country and running two miles was like jogging across the lawn. Came home and watched a horrible playmate of the month video with some of my housemates. Debated going to a party, but decided against it.

Oh yeah, and my Hello Kitty Vibrator from e-bay came yesterday! It's so cute! But I can't try it out until I've shown it to people, so that sucks. Ah, such is life.

I read a line in one of my housemate's diaries that I really liked: "I've spent a lot of time laying around not committing suicide." I think that fits the way I feel sometimes to a tee.