I rode in a police car for the first time ever today. Hopefully the only time. And it wasn't because I was under arrest, I'm very proud of myself for that one. Kimonade ran out of gas right on the middle of a street on campus (on the way to get gas, go figure) and it's bitter cold. I got some girls from my floor to give me a ride to the gas station where I got a gallon of gas to put in the damn thing. We had to go to three different gas stations before we found one that sold gas cans. I was astonished, I thought that all gas stations sold those things. It should be a law.

So I come back and Kim is sitting in a police car. He stopped and let her sit in the car so she could be warm. He was nice, as far as cops go, I guess. The car wouldn't start. I guess there wasn't enough gas or whatever, so we walked to the nearest dorm and got some random guys to help push the car up the hill, thinking that if it were on a level surface rather than an incline that it would be more likely to start. That didn't work, so the cop drove me to the gas station to get more gas.

So I was left with the pleasant task of trying to make small talk with a cop. I figured that, "Last weekend, when I was rolling really hard at this rave..." was out, as was, "Man, it must suck to be a cop." He did have lots of cool stuff, I asked a lot of, "What's that?" I asked him if he just drove around all night for his shift and he's like "Yeah, pretty much. But I'm a supervisor so (blah blah blah)" Great, we got one of the special cops. Must be a tough job, driving hot girls to gas stations because their roommate ran out of gas. I wish I could get paid to do that.

That's the highlight of this Saturday night, how pathetic is that? Actually, not really, by the time I was done with the whole gas debacle I was freezing my ass off and decided that I didn't want to venture back out of the comfort of my room. I think I'll watch Saturday Night Live, I'm never home to watch that anymore. :)