I don’t remember much of my dream now. I remember I was with my grandmother in her car. She is a little slow and has trouble walking in reality, yet she has a car and has no problem driving (physically that is – she really is an exceptionally bad driver). In my dream however she seemed a little younger and in superb shape and she drove with great skill, changing gears and accelerating like a professional race car driver. We seemed to be chasing something or someone on a road through a forest, but I’m not sure who or what it was.

Suddenly there is this big fence, I think it was electrical and with barbed wire, as if surrounding some kind of military base. I get the feeling I’m mixed up in an international spy-game of some kind, where my lofty grandmother is playing the role of an elderly female Bond
(Bond’s the name – Mrs. Bond).

To top it off, there is a kitten involved, maybe more than one. I remember sitting in the front passenger seat of my grandmothers little red Mazda 323, cuddling a cute little kitten that seemed to keep changing color, while we speed on a little forest lane and the car is sounding like Michael Schumachers Ferrari.