I fixed my NES. I know how to fix them now. But I lost the tool I'd made to fix NESes with, so my knowledge is completely and utterly useless. I don't remember how I made it so I'll never be able to fix any NESes until I find it again. But that's okay, because I also know how NESes break, so I can train people to never break the ones they have that work.

I have no idea where my NES games are. Sure, I still have a few of my lesser-played titles - Swords & Serpents, Low G Man, Mega Man, The Karate Kid, etc. - but I can't find a single one of the games I played all the time - CastleVania, River City Ransom, World Cup Soccer, Skate or Die, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. I still have manuals and boxes for these games, and I know I didn't sell them. I also know that someone has my copy of Final Fantasy, but I know that I'll never be able to get it back so what's the point of pining after it? I have FF:O, anyway, so I can still play FF1. I bought another copy of River City Ransom. I'm going to buy another copy of World Cup Soccer. I might as well collect the rest of the series, too, which I never had before - Renegade, Crash n' The Boys: Street Challenge, Super Dodgeball, etc.

Right now I feel completely worthless, but it's okay because I'm going camping. And canoeing. I'll be too busy getting sunburnt and sleeping (or pretending to sleep) to feel bad about anything. Right. Camping. I need to pack. Fuck it. I'll do it tomorrow.