I realised probably a little late that I should be updating my gash rather than the undergarment itself. This way, I'll be able to have an entry on Thursday instead of on Monday.

I promised myself I'd go to sleep over 4 hours ago. So, I was thinking about Amy Tam, and I tried to find out when I mentioned her in my friend's dildo, and I found nothing interesting. I don't change all that much, do I? I finished 2001 of stargazer. I am not a stalker; this is public information (and written by an interesting person, to boot).

What does that phrase mean, "to boot"? It means "as well" or "especially" or more likely both, but why does it mean that? Tying all of the above together, Mayhem King thinks my AS is "endearing".. amoung other qualities. Really, his praise isn't the reason I like his posts so much. Sczoyd also has been consistently using <-- for my gender-pronoun, whcih I absolutely adore because he's really the first person to ever do that consistently, and he did it completely independently of any mention by me ^_^
I love these people.

I'll go to sleep. ..so I had a dream. It involved a pair of mansions and a handheld device tat displayed my ICQ userlist (but it was really weird) and at the end there was a bus / trash pickup thing that was pushed by a thing.. hard to explain. And that's really the only part of it I rememebr now, too.. but it -was- really long and complicated before then... On the phone with Ka-la, she randomly insisted that I have the prettiest eyes she's ever seen. ..so I took a deep, relaxing, scalding-hot bath. It was good. Baths are infinitely superior to showers.

..which reminds me. Heather owes me a bath, and I never really did transfer the promises I've extracted over the years to Laine... ..I hope the water dmaage to her letters isn't that bad... ..ack. No mention, again, of FF1-3 (especailly, in this case, 2). There are two sister-sister relationships .... Faris' efforts to hide her sex blunt the sisterly bond .... The sole brother-sister relationship is Palom/Porom .... *ahem* Faris is physically female, yes, but is one of the few transgendered FF characters (Gogo, of course, also applies). Faris-Lenna is a brother-sister bond. Also, no mention is made of Leonhart/Maria of FF2 (another brother-sister relationship that expresses itself in misunderstandings.. throughout the game, Leonhart is the Dark Knight, your feared opponent..).

My throat still hurts, and I feel sick, and everywhere is hot and I can't focus for long periods of time. I had weird dreams. (and yes, I was lost in them). kraid eating thing, no backpack no paper wrong class RMZ airdash upward damage etc I had another dream. I was staying at Brian's apartment (I think), and the part I rememebr, I had to pick someone up at a certain time. I was talking with epople and stuff, and I totally lost track of the time, so it was 9 minutes after when was supposed to pick the person up that I actually went.. I, of course, got lost. Anyway, I was also supposed to order refreshments, only I didn't rememebr what so I didn't, and then I figured out taht i was supposed to order 58 coffees and "cups of donuts for everybody", whatever that means. After some discussion of love and sexuality with some other people, I left there (I think it was a church, because of when I got lost inside the building what I saw..) and was in a gymnasium or some other open room, and I was being chased by three other people.. the one who was chasing me first was actually trying to stay near me to keep away from the other two. It was weird. After a lot of chasing I just broke down crying and was hugging the person who was chasing me while sobbing uncontrollably.. and there was something about being really young and in love with someone rch that didn't make sense, and then I woke up.

Today is probably the weirdest day compared to that dream. The freshmen boys at school finally played a very funny prank on some of the seniors. Apparently, one of the freshmen boys, David, got a hold of the master key for the boys locker room. While all the other boys were out in the football field for P.E., David and his friend Thomas hid in the locker room and went opened all the lockers that belonged to the seniors. They grabbed and shoved all the seniors clothing in their backpacks. When P.E. finished for that period, all the senior boys weren't able to take a shower or even have a change of clothing. Everyone had so much teasing the seniors for wearing their P.E. uniforms for the rest of the day.

At the end of the day, David and Thomas were caught and suspended. But, for them they think they actually accomplished something by that stupid prank. Oh, and the funniest thing was the way that David and Thomas were caught. The school police officer found the two boys throwing the stolen clothing all over the teachers' parking lot. Clearly, David and Thomas must have been drugs or something because when they were caught. David acted all like the Riddler at the end of that Batman Forever and Thomas was covered up in the seniors' stolen boxer shorts. He had a pair boxer shorts for a hat, another one for a mask, another one as a pair of shorts over his pants, and several over both arms which acted like sleeves.

I think I'll go to sleep now.