posthumous stumbles back onto the e2 scene briefly..

hallo y'all.

so, i'm back here, back at the wonderful university of michigan for the 3rd friggin year. continuing my pursuit of the elusive bachelor's degree, although it seems that i am working more at math than computers, since my math credits > eecs credits. fuckin pre-reqs.

so what has changed since the summer? i am noticing behavioural changes in myself. guess a summer away from home teaches you more things about yourself than you realize.

so... changes:

  • i am nicer
  • i am also meaner
  • i take being responsible much less seriously.
  • i study because i enjoy it, and because i recognize my purpose of being at school.
  • i'm on a cocktail of migraine drugs.


today was normal, if not sleepier than normal. i am feeling slightly under the weather, hacking up phlegm and other nastiness. and due to the nation-wide flu shot shortage, i will be vulnerable for some more time. boo!

i am trying not to worry too much about my impending exams, on thursday and friday.

back in black