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got in two flame wars on e2

Hi, kenata! Hi eclip5e!

I was, of course, silenced by the borg

Last night became rather bitchy due to feelings of being ignored by the SO. But it was actually more of a manifestation of premature separation anxiety and just the desire to be with her.

oh well.... it's over.

Have completely sluffed off at work today; the manager is spending his time worrying about problems that aren't that important, and all of my documentation and code is written. I am productive, to the extent that I can afford to sluff off every once in a while.

My attempt at growing a beard is frustrating me; being blonde and fair-skinned doesn't help much. But, I've sworn to not shave the chin/stash/lips area (thus making the beard actually a goatee) for 2 weeks straight, so we'll see how it looks. My father started growing a mustache at my age... but he says that he's afraid to shave it off now because it took him 6 years to grow it. Ha!

Going to lunch at a trendy Mexican restraunt.... almost as bad as trendy Chinese, but at least it will be cooked by some of the 2 million hispanics in the Chicago area. Which, some way or another, should make it slightly authentic, despite being served in a Starbuck's-type environment.