A club in Leicester Square opened about the same time (1999) as the other London musical mecca Fabric, Home has 7 floors (capacity 2,500) and is hard to navigate when drunk. Many excellent DJs play at Home, but being in Leicester Square means that it is plagued by many tourists who don't help the vibe. Like all clubs in Westminster, Home must close by 3:00 every morning.

For now Home is a thing of the past. It was closed around Easter 2001 by the Westminster council for insufficient control of the drug trade (the police found only six people selling pills on a Friday night). Their license was later reinstated but the parent company, Big Beat, suffered cash flow problems and declared bankruptcy. In 2001-August Mean Fiddler acquired Home's clubs in Sydney and London and is expected to make reopening Home in Leicester Square a priority.

Home is also responsible for the 35,000 person summer Homelands festival outside London.

The extent to which one can consider a club a home is probably more of a reflection of their lifestyle than anything else. Junior Vasquez's (also closed) den notwithstanding...