Fake People are predominant in the Deep South. In fact, southern culture is based on fakeness - people here are 'friendlier,' but never more helpful than those in the North. Southern ladies will talk as long as you let them, but you can expect them to talk behind your back as readily. Other people give a lot of lip service, promising things that they're aren't willing or able to do, assuming that you won't ask it of them to perform. While being 'Christian,' the idea of straining themselves to help their next man is alien to them.
A culture of fake people is a weak one, while they are unwilling to help one another, they are still dependent. There is no truly equal relationship in the south, one always profits, one always reluctantly helps out. This makes them unwilling to help out of the kindness of their heart and makes the South as shoddy as it is.

Wonko: I've lived in Mobile, AL for seven years now. Come visit sometime, and learn what the deep south is all about. Rather, don't.