Woke up around noon, put on some pants and went to check my email. Again, nothing. Yay... Then my new client messages me, telling me he's still waiting for the go ahead from accounting. I decided food would be good, so I put some bread and cheese (and sundried tomatoes and basil) in the oven, returning to e2 to node the 5th part of Faust. The phone rings, it's Andreea. We chat briefly, and I return to noding. Something smells funny. Retrieve charcoal from oven and settle for milk and cereal.

Around 4 P.M. my younger brother gets home and we head out to see The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on the last day of Bayfest. It is beginning to get cold, so I borrow my dad's $300 jacket to stay warm (and look good in case I run into that girl again.) We get to the show, and a band called Flogging Molly is playing. Some damn good Irish punk-rock. Everyone starts dancing, and some drunk jock-fuck who I could not identify decides to throw a beer at me. I shoot around, pick up the beer and look for who threw it, planning to return the favor. No suspect. Throwing the beer in the bushes, I go to clean the jacket off.

Eventually I meet up with Thad and Rob, two old friends of mine, and we fight our way to the front for TMMBT. As soon as they start playing, a pit starts, and a nice one at that. No punching or idjits, just pushing and dancing... Of course I get in it, and of course some two-bit fuck grabs the split end of my jacket and pulls... tearing it in half. The sad thing is that I didn't even notice, as I was pushed from all directions anyway. Regardless, the show went great. They played all their 'big hits,' and after getting to the front and yelling "Lights out" like there was no tomorrow, they played that. I didn't get to see that girl, sadly enough, and I'll have to foot the bill to get the jacket fixed... But I did set up a recording gig with a local guitar player. Life goes on.