Oh, the insulting softlinks -- still, I feel like adding some pointers for the more experimental noders.

In regard to crushing:

Meth will burn regardless of how fine it is ground, but larger chunks will hurt for extended periods of time.

Coke and everything else can be done in larger chunks, the only danger here is clogging up one's nose. I've seen people take clumps-only lines straight off a block, but I figure by the time one gains that ability most nasal tissue has been eaten away. To ensure finest crushing, take a credit card / driver's license and press it face down on the powder. Watch out for airbourne pieces and grind it around a good bit. Scrape the rest off the back of the card and Bingo.

Other tips and tricks:

  • After snorting the line/bump, get a few drops of water in your palm and snort it up. It'll clear your nose, reduce post-rip-drip and let you take up the stuff that'd later get absorbed in boogers or drop out.
  • It's better to use a straw than US currency. Unless the bill is TIGHTLY rolled, some will get stuck in between the windings of said bill.
  • Don't do this. Snorting anything will eat up your cartilage, make your nose more susceptible to bleeding and pain; if you ever go to a nose and throat specialist they will be able to guess at your habits.