"Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive"


     On the way home from the Biomedical Library, I passed one of those lifted, chrome-enhanced, testosterone-fueled trucks. The driver was some hispanic guy in his mid-twenties. I contined driving through my shortcut and noticed that this guy was following me - closely - with his brights on. Well, there are two things that piss me off in this world, tailgating and blinding; this guy was doing both. As soon as we came to a two-lane road Mr. Man passed me honking and screaming. I caught up, his girlfriend looked at me and all I could do is smile and wink at her. She laughed, he fell behind and my day was saved.
     Back at home I learn that one of my nodes (Noder's Tourette's) had been nuked anonymously, I let it slide but soon was borged for getting into an argument about gun control in the main channel. Hmm. Suck. Restoring my hope in humanity I made a pizza and watched the telly until falling asleep.
     Carrie is quite intruiging. She's had a boyfriend for three years but seems unsatisfied with him. He's posessive, fairly ignorant and just doesn't suit her socially. I respect her more than to do something hectic, although we have made it clear that we find each other irresistable; she asked me to talk to her under the stars again, God is she beautiful - and insightful, and caring. Hmm. More girls should be like her.