NTBCW "Nègres blancs d'Amérique" - real FLQ alienation amidst an ocean of anglophone culture. A wigger is a whiteperson who adopts the trappings of what he/she imagines is the "style" of black Americans. Not new: jazzers, from Mezz Mezzrow to Steve Lacy to Joe Zawinul, as well as radio's Charles Correll and Freeman Gosden ("Amos and Andy") were/are "honorary African-Americans". They were legit; they lived blackness, to varying degrees, even, in some cases, suffering the same abuse and alienation that would have befallen someone born in a Harlem tenement. Wiggerdom tends to be a left-handed compliment: a dilettante's cryptoracism.

The 20th Century contains many mainstream borrowings from black culture. That won't change. But that's a different thing from adopting a persona based on some stereotype - even if that stereotype is reified by persons of your acquaintance.

I'm a cultural tourist; I can whip up a paragraph of old 70s/80s B-Boy slang to enliven a dull writeup. I can appropriate phrases from French and German. But I'd never IRL try to pretend streetness or Germanness. I'm me. Ethnicity without portfolio. A four-eyed United Colours of Benetton in jeans, bare feet, and hair down to my shoulders (pending a haircut). See No Colour. Or, to borrow an ancient Reebok line: U B U.

Don't be a cryptoracist.