Talking about discrimination with japanese 6th graders

I went to an elementary school in kochi today to hear what they had to say about discrimination and teach them english. I said that in America there are many people from different places, but since you grow up with them it's not a problem much if you're young.

Having them run around the gym yelling numbers in english

I yelled out a pair of numbers from 1 to 12, then they ran down to the other end of the gym, wrote the number on the board, and then came back and told me their group name. First one back wins. I gave the two winning groups some stickers from america.

Eating lunch in a japanese elementary school

They wanted me to stay after the lesson, so I went back to class with the 6th graders. Some kids put on little white hats and aprons and served us all. We had to wait until everyone had been served, then we said itadakimasu and ate. we had fruit juice, bread, macaroni salmon carrot soup, and potato salad. After eating, the boys were telling me that their teacher was some kind of monster. Then they started talking about penis balls. I think they were confused. Usually what they say is golden ball because that's the literal translation of "balls" from japanese.

Finding a mikan grove

After school I went on a bike ride because it was so warm. I found a cell phone tower on the side of a mountain, and noticed a little path by the side of it. Following it, I found a little grove with lots of mikans. I think they are tangerines in english. Someone had been there picking them all and throwing the bad ones on the ground. The ground was covered with rotting ones, but there were some good ones still on the tree, so i filled my pockets with them and came home.