The best trait this show has is its ability to swap from extreme comedy (the kind that hurts your stomach the more you try to stop laughing), to drama which doesn't just apply to medics in the Korean war; it's usually something everyone can imagine happening to themselves. The show sometimes switches from the two extremes scene by scene.

Last night I was watching the show: one of the doctor's fathers was going into an operation back in America, and the father hadn't told the son. The doctor spent all day trying to get through to him, to speak to his father before the operation. He went from one operator to the next, saying his name, saying who he was trying to get through to. After being on the phone - completely stressed out - all day, he just misses him. He didn't think he'd ever speak to his father again. I didn't think he would either, and I felt pretty sad: much more sad than I'd ever felt watching anything on new tv shows.

And throughout all this, there's some top-quality humor in between scenes.