1983 film written and directed by Bill Forsyth with a great score by Mark Knopfler. Starring Peter Reigert (Boon from Animal House) as Macintyre and Burt Lancaster at Felix Happer.

Macintyre works for a Happer's Houston oil conglomerate, and is sent to negotiate a deal with a small coastal Scottish town to buy the place out in its entirety. Everything goes great until it turns out an old hermit living on a shack on the beach holds the deed to a critical piece of land.

This is a great film. A simple, interesting and non-ironic story that's amusing and well-acted. A lot of Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler fans have heard the soundtrack, but haven't seen it.

A local hero is a guy (or girl) who is considered to be legendary in the neighborhood where he lives. Its a dude who there is tons of rumors about, mostly rumors about his great or stupid deeds. The rumors are earned either by always doing good things for the community or by exsessive stupidity or incredible coolness. The local hero is mostly loved by his surrounding community. A local hero is not often a hero in the real sense of the word, rather considered to be a loser by everybody who doesn´t know that he is the local hero.

An example
The local heroes of Lappjaerd are: Haka & Tomi Smeds
You probably didn´t know this - because - they are local.
The soundtrack, released in 1983, features primarily instrumental tracks by Mark Knopfler.
  1. The Rocks and the Water 3:29
  2. Wild Theme 3:39
  3. Freeway Flyer 1:49
  4. Boomtown 4:12
  5. The Way It Always Starts 4:06
  6. The Rocks and the Thunder 0:41
  7. The Ceilidh and the Northern Lights 3:55
  8. The Mist Covered Mountains 5:05
  9. The Ceilidh: Louis' Favourite/Billy's Tune 3:40
  10. Whistle Theme 0:52
  11. Smooching 5:04
  12. Stargazer 1:34
  13. The Rocks and the Thunder 0:40
  14. Going Home: Theme of the Local Hero 4:58
(If you want me to make more of these links send me a message. I just didn't want a bunch of dead links for instrumental tracks.)

total play time: 43:44

All songs by Mark Knopfler except The Mist Covered Mountains which is traditional.

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