News flash! All reality is subjective!

Go to the warzone and find out for yourself, if you want a real dose of reality.

And I think that it's very fair to say that all news agencies are propaganda machines. It's just which side are you producing propaganda for, hmmm?

I think, when contemplating the wonders of the big, bad propaganda machine that resides in various portions of the world, in various incarnations, people tend to get a bit trustworthy with things. Just because the BBC reported on the oversight by NATO towards treatment of ethnic Serbians by ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, people think that it must also mean that their reporting on the ongoing IRA conflict is cool and unbiased. Yeah right. Just because a news agency reports on one piece of truth does not at all indicate that only words of truth shall spill forth in the future. It's all in the presentation to begin with. Certain governments, and hence news agencies, are willing to discuss some topics and choose to defer, and oftentimes ignore, others.

Falkland Islands, anyone?

When you make a statement like that, core, one just might interpret it as some kind of anti-US ... gasp ... propaganda!

Well, core, my ancestrial mate, maybe the BBC is really the "British Bullshit Company", and the CBC is really the, "Cocksucker's Bitch Consortium". Who really cares.

Cynical is not the proper word to describe CNN. Tyranical is more like it. Tyranical in the sense that they dominate the average person's senses with content of total bland idiocy. Cynical is a bullshit concept created by human beings. In nature, cynicism is nothing more than a protective state of one's own well-being. You criticize all that you cannot trust with your heart and mind, and thus stay alive. The cynics were originally a Greek school of philosophy that were pretty much about finding logic and truth through oratory. Cynicism is not bad from a Darwinian standpoint, because it protects one from harm. Namely from one's surroundings. CNN is a tyranny because it bombards people's thoughts with false and oftentimes trivial information, much like Nazi propaganda. If you keep the person's mind off the storm raging outside their window, they'll feel safe, and they'll trust you. But keep in mind, the Nazi's quit their propaganda once they were in control. You know why? Because they didn't care whether or not the people agreed with them, they were still in power. Much like how corporations will soon quit propagandizing the populace with a false sense of "trust". "Trust us, the bottom line really doesn't matter, we're more concnerd about your well being". Do you really think it'll be that way once private corporations are allowed to form their own city-states?

Japanese corporations already have lifetime contracts for their employees.

I mean, really...who cares?