Upworthy is a site used to spread liberal propaganda in the form of feel good narratives. It was started in March of 2012 by a former editor of The Onion and a former leader of MoveOn. It is meant to be shared on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Upworthy's MO is to post a picture with a brief bit of text below it. The text will usually be something eye catching yet vague in the hope that someone will want to click on. Most of the stories are framed in a "narrative" way, trying to turn issues into stories with heroes and villains. Being too smart to click on any of these links, I don't know what the stories are actually about. Liberal truisms, mostly.

There is a parody account of Upworthy at https://twitter.com/upworthit that provides headlines only slightly more skewed than at the actual site.

The tagline for "Upworthy" is "Things That Matter. Pass 'Em On". But in my mind it could as well be

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

I will also have to remember that for many Americans with conservative beliefs, their understanding of liberal beliefs comes from obnoxious little snippets like this coming up on their cousins facebook feeds, which is enough to skew anyone's perceptions.

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