I have preserved here a copy of my original "Why every girl on the entire planet has a boyfriend" node. So that people can understand all the reply nodes below mine, that seem to make little sense now.

The problem isn't that every girl on the planet has a boyfriend. The problem is that all the girls that we see as desireable are taken.

Lets do a little math. I will be sticky people into a few broad groups based entirely on physical standards. If you don't like that idea, then read the writeups below, as they have some nice ideas in them as well.

30 percent of girls are overweight enough to turn away the average male. While about 20 percent of girls are unnattractive enough to manage the same. Doing the math that means that out of 100 girls, you have 56 "normal" girls, 24 overweight girls, 14 unnattractive girls, and 6 girls who are both unnattractive and overweight.

But girls do not seem to be nearly as choosy as guys do. Many of the "normal" girls happily date the ugly or overweight guys. As can be witnessed by the "Is she really going out with him?" phenomena. So this puts really only the guys who combine overweight and unnattractive out of the game, (6 percent).

So you basically have 94 percent of the guys competing over 56 percent of the girls. As you can see those are not good odds.

There are several more statistics working against the men of the world. Men tend choose mates that are about 3 years younger than they are. While women live about six years longer than men do. You might think that this would only affect the elderly but that isn't the case. The whole thing kind of trickles down to affect younger people also.

For example; Mary is 70 and her husband Bob is 73. There would be a nice 19 year old girl available if Bob would have only selected Phillis, (who is also 73 but widowed), instead of Mary. If Bob was with the 73 year old woman instead, then his former wife would be with a 70 year old man, (causing his 67 year old wife to be available), and so on. Eventually this would trickle down to the younger people.

The way it stands, (assuming women live to be 79, while men die at 73, also assuming a starting age of 16 for dating/mating), there needs to be 124 women for every 100 men, (doing the math on the prefered age difference, and early male death). But there are actually 105 males born for every 100 females in most of the world, and that ratio stays fairly stable up until about age 60, where it quickly moves towards more women.

The whole situation is made worse by the herd mentality of mating that females of all species exhibit. They are more likely to choose a mate that they have already seen someone else choose. You can probably readily see this in your own life. For example, my old roommate is less attractive than me, but he has never been single for more than a couple of weeks at a time. He has never even had to try, females see him with other females and assume that he is desireable.

There are even more factors at work here, namely the extreme clannishness of the lower 44 percent of the female population. They often travel in circles that do not tend to include any males at all. You often see them in bars, restaurants, etc. There will be a whole group of 3-7 "undesirable" girls with no guys around at all. These girls often don't even have one male friend. So they never even end up joining the daing circle to begin with.

The tendency of all male groups to have an alpha male seems to keep them from the same behavior. Even most geeks (I count myself as one), knows a few girls. But the girls they do know are from that same 56 percent that everybody else is after.

But, there is a solution to the problem. Snag one of the lower 44 percent. It is quite easy. Walk up to any group of "undesirable" girls, and start flirting with all of them. One of them might actually be interested. Then once you have a girlfriend you will find that the "normal" girls are much more interested in you in their brief moments of being single, "What does he see in her? I am so much prettier than her!".

Soon you will be able to date one of the "normal" girls if you want.

You may not want to ditch the first girl though. Because the "unnattractive" girl will probably treat you better, and be better in bed. (Also known as the "Fat chicks are better in bed" phenomena).

Node Updates

Some people seem to disagree with what I am saying here. That is alright, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
But the fact remains that the majority of men are mainly interested in at least reasonably attractive girls of normal weight.

While women do look at other things. (That is why I believe my ideas are valid in the first place).

I have dated Cute girls, ugly girls, fat girls, and skinny girls in my lifetime. And I have been happy with the majority of them. (The girl I was seeing when I wrote this weighs at least 200 pounds).

I do stand by my thoughts that it is easy to find an unattractive or overweight girlfriend. They get hit on a lot less. Making them much more likely to give you a chance.

Do not see this node as an attack on unattractive or heavy women. Because it isn't, (unattractive, overweight, or both could describe the majority of the girls I have ever dated). But take a step back and look at things. That girl you are lusting after, who has a boyfriend, is she a heavy unattractive girl? I didn't think so.