Atari 2600 Game
Produced by:Activision
Model Number:AG012
Rarity:2 Common
Year of Release: 1981

Ice Hockey by Activison is sadly not as fun as the Nintendo game that shares its name. You control a team consisting of 1 goalie and 1 forward, (which makes it seem a lot more like street hockey to me). The playing field is vertical in nature. Which gives the advantage to the first player, (the one at the bottom). Those well practiced Pong and Breakout reflexes will find playing the top player a little bit unnatural, (well it seems that way to me anyway).

This game is quite fun in 2 player mode. But if you are by yourself, I would recommend Nintendo Ice Hockey instead. (Having only 2 little hockey men gets boring in single player mode).

You could get a patch from the Activision Club simply by beating the computer one time in this game, (no other game besides Tennis has such lax requirements).

From the instruction manual:

Tips from Alan Miller, designer of Ice Hockey

Alan Miller is a Senior Designer at Activision. A fierce video game
competitior, he's also the designer of Checkers and Tennis by ACTIVISION.

"My Activision Ice Hockey includes many of the features and much of the speed
of real ice hockey.

"You really have to be quick right from the face-off. The player who
controls the puck most often will wil the game. When you're on defense, don't
be too eager to bring your goalie too far out of his net. A smart forward
might try for an easy goal by angling his shot off the boards.

"And here's a tip you might not discover, even after hours of ice time. When
a loose puck is captured, it's automatically placed on the inside corner of
your stick. So, as soon as the puck hits your stick, you can launch an
extremely angled shot and surprise your opponent.

"So, lace up your skates and go to it! And drop me a line and let me know
how you do".

This game is valued at around $2 USD. Games with boxes and manuals are worth more.