Alan Miller was a game programmer in the classic Atari 2600 era. He started his career at Atari and later went on to be one of the founders of Activision (who made some of the best 3rd party Atari games, and still make video games today). The following games have been credited to him. (Please /msg with any additions).


  • Basketball
    This is stick figure basketball at its best. A hidden feature on this title was the ability to pick up the second joystick and control the computer player.
  • Chase
    This is yet another implementation of the old Tron light cycle sequence (which predated the movie). Games like this were very popular back in the early days, due to ease of programming. There were a good 20 implementations of this concept done in the arcades in the 1970s, and people are still making versions of this game today. (Yerricde wrote a version for the NES intitled Nibbles).
  • Checkers
    This is a decent implementation of checkers, although the Atari 2600 hardware limited playing options a bit.
  • Hangman
    Another stick figure game. This title got very easy after repeated play, because it just didn't know that many words.
  • Ice Hockey
    This is a decent single screen stick figure version of hockey. It was great in its time. But can't stand up to the gameplay of more modern hockey games.
  • Robot Tank
    This is a wonderful tank game similar to Battlezone. It features pseudo-3D graphics and several advanced features.
  • Spelling
    Relabeled version of Hangman released under the Sears label (Sears liked for their games to have more "educational" titles).
  • Starmaster
    This is an outer space shooter similar to the arcade version of Star Wars.
  • Surround
    A relabeled version of Chase.
  • Tennis
    A great stick figure version of tennis. This is still one of the best two player sports games around.

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