Garry Kitchen was a video game programmer in the classic Atari 2600 days. He and his brothers Dan Kitchen and Steve Kitchen were both some of the best programmers around back then. He produced games under the Activision, Coleco, U.S. Games, and Beagle Brothers Software labels. Below is a list of games credited to this programmer. (Please /msg with any additions).


Garry also did a lot of uncredited work on other designer's games. He helped with most of the titles that his brothers did (his brother Dan Kitchen said that Garry was "a little more artistic than he was"), and was known to lend a hand to David Crane (on such titles as A Boy and Bis Blob).

Garry is currently the CEO of SkyWorks, a company that does Flash and Shockwave games for various websites. He is not alone there, as he brought along his old Activision pals David Crane and Alan Miller.

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