Atari 2600 Game
Produced by:Activision
Model Number:AX029
Rarity:4 Scarce
Year of Release: 1983

This Atari game had a rather unique concept. Bugs are eating your building. You have to drop flower pots on them to squish them. You are at the top of the building and there is a row af flower pots below you. Use the button to know the pots down to smash the bugs that are climbing the building. All in all a pretty fun game, (but difficult to find today).

You could get a patch from Activision if you acheived 75,000 points in this game.

From the instruction manual:

We're infested! A bug barrage is swarming out of the sewer, chomping away at every building in town. Entire neighborhoods are now crumb piles! Over in Brooklyn, Potsy, the rooftop gardener, is defending his beloved building with his only weapon - potted petunias. Be a good neighbor. Help him take potshots at the insect invaders... Quick! When too many bugs crawl into the windows, they'll start eating you out of house and home!

Dan Kitchen is the programmer on this title.

This game is valued at around $10 USD. Games with boxes and manuals are worth more.