The same Amiga who is known for their computers also used to be a third party producer of cartridges for the Atari 2600.

They had big plans for the console, including all sorts of expansion packs, and other fancy hardware add-ons. But they unfortunately launched their Atari line based around a stand-on controller called the "joyboard". So far every stand-on controller ever made for any console has been a total failure. Amiga did not know that, since the "joyboard" was the first of its kind. Nintendo later went on to have a similar failure with the Power Pad.

Stand-on controllers only really ever took off in the arcade setting, where games like Top Skater and Dance Dance Revolution can put them to good use.

The quality of Amiga's few Atari offerings were fairly high. They probably would have succeeded in this market if they had decided just to concentrate on quality software, rather than odd hardware add-ons.

Amiga Games
  • Mogul Maniac - Mogul Maniac was an expensive first person skiing title that came with a stand-on controller called the "joyboard". This controller was easily broken, and wasn't really usuable for most Atari titles, but it was an interesting idea for the time.

  • Off Your Rocker - Off Your Rocker was the original "Dance Dance Revolution", same concept, same gameplay. The only difference was in the quality of the graphics and in the music. This title was playable with either the "joyboard" controller, or a standard Atari joystick. This title was never widely released because Amiga gave up on it right before it was supposed to ship. They later sold their inventory of the title to Pleasant Valley Video in California, who sold them all cheaply over a period of several years.

  • Surf's Up - Surf's Up was an unfinished surfing game that was also supposed to use the "joyboard" controller. It was a shame that Amiga gave up on the Atari 2600 while developing this title, because it was shaping up to be a great title. The graphics on this game looked to be a cut above the standard 2600 graphics, they looked more like Nintendo Entertainment System graphics. They were really that good.