Scenario One:

I'm sitting on a metal folding chair in my room draped in the red fleece blanket I sleep with during the winter. There is a knock at the door and I say come in. In comes my USMC recruiter. I was expecting my mother so I'm a little surprised, nevertheless I greet him, "How's it going Sgt. Hall?" "Not good Campbell we need to fill out your registration papers." All of the sudden I get real tired and I tell him that maybe it is'nt a good time right now. He looks at me and tell me that this is the attitude that I need to get rid of. I sigh and look up.

Scenario Two:

Me and three other guys I don't know are riding through a sewer pipe. We're kinda of gliding above the water like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles used to do except we don't have any boards at our feet. The guy to my left looks over a nudges me and says "Freeboarding is cool, huh?". I just look at him for a bit and then I turn back and go back and concentrate on the task at hand. We ride throuh all types of twists and turns and drops. I can never see more then ten feet ahead of me because of the opaque darkness until we hit a deadend. There is a ladder hanging from a another dark abyss in the middle of this room. We look at each other and then I jump and try to reach the ladder. I miss it and try again. The third time My hand grabs ahold of it and I struggle to pull myself up.

Scenario Three:

I'm sitting alone in my school's cafeteria. This girl I knew from my old Spanish class sits down next to me and starts talking to me about her schedule and a Poseidon Society. I listen to her as if it's the most interesting thing I have ever heard. I see another girl from my Computer Programming class sit down in the other seat. I can see her in my dream but I dont notice her until the end. When I finally do she looks at me disgustedly and says "Freeboarding is cool, huh?"

Notes: I have never skateboarded or done any type of other boarding in my life. I have been watching alot of Six Feet Under. Also at some point in time I have had a crush on both girls that appear in Scenario Three.