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Provide knowledge wherever I can.
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There are no stupid questions, only inquisitive idiots.
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my node manifesto

// I do not node for XP
// I do not node for your upvotes
// I do not node for C!s (check my nodes and you can tell how obvious this is)
// I node to provide knowledge/insight and influence thought.
// enjoy.


what follows is the chaos that is my homenode...
(separated by horizontal rules for your viewing pleasure)

tidbits about me
this used to be a brief bio but it was outdated and uninteresting, so fuck it.

I don't node too often because I am one of those people that know a little about alot (or so I have been told). I don't really have any specialties. I spend most of my time on Everything2 learning. Which really is the purpose of E2, right?

How I found Everything2...
I first stumbled upon E2 while reading an article on slashdot ( about the problems Undernet was having. In one of the comments on the article the user mentioned a writeup he wrote on Everything2 about the problem with Efnet users. I curiously clicked the link and read the node. I was intrigued to say the list. I spent 2 hours browsing the other "nodes" and 6 days later I finally joined myself. The rest, as they say, is history...

stuff i am reading
. No Logo by Naomi Klien
stuff waiting to be read
. ego trip's Big Book of Racism
. When You Ride Alone You Ride With Bin Laden by Bill Maher

Have an interesting/informative write-up that needs some upvoting? Please /msg me about it. I am always looking to learn something new and I always have votes left over when the day is done for good writeup.