So far this morning I have been really bored. I've got alot of stress on me because in 8 hours I have to introduce a "Back To School" speaker to my church against my will. I just love how my mother volunteers me to do these things... In my boredom and frustration and a bit of insomnia I decided to do the most logical thing: go porn surfing.

Thankfully up until this point I have had a pretty satisfying sexual life so I had a little trouble wading through the flash animations and gratuitous pop-up windows. I eventually lost hope and decided to just go with the old newsgroup method. Downloading pornographic binaries in the wee hours of the night is the perfect way to relieve the stress caused by an upcoming religious obligation. I'm sure most men of the cloth would agree with me.

Well everything was fine until the end. The period when I had time to just sit and think about what I had just done. Masturbation in itself is pretty depressing. I mean I am not a bad looking guy. I could have been with a woman at that time. not myself... I was satisfied in the deed but not in the emotions it caused. oh well, hopefully a wall of sleep with wash those away.