You sleep 8 hours a day. You work 8 hours a day. You are supposed to relax for 8 hours a day, and the 8 hours break unto:

You spend 1 hour having lunch.

You spend 1 hour getting up and having breakfast.

You spend 1 hour going to your work.

Your boss wants you to stay a couple of minutes to talk with you about your job for tomorrow: that's another hour.

You spend 1 hour going to your home.

You spend 4 hours of quality time with your kids.

Your neighbor comes and chats with you for half an hour.

Your husband / wife wants to have sex for at least an hour.

You watch television for two hours. One of them is just advertisement.

You wash your teeth three times a day.

You spend half an hour taking a dump.

You spend 1 hour reading a book.

You spend 2 hours surfing the web and writing for .

You take half an hour for a nap.

Your parents call you and speak with you half an hour over the phone.

Your friends call you to have a drink: that's one hour getting dressed and bathed, one hour getting there, one hour with your friends, one hour to find a cab and go home.

That adds for a total of 37 hours and fifteen minutes for a whole day !!!!


Schroedinger's cat never had to deal with this because it never existed. Never was such a device. Never was the cat dead or alive. It never dreamt anything. Schroedinger dreamt the cat. We've dreamt the cat all these years. We can dream the cat out of the trap, we can dream its liberty from the prison of indetermination.