i finally got a good night's sleep last night! this without marijuana or wine, and it stands to reason that those things may be the reason i don't sleep well. i deffinitely notice that when i don't smoke marijuana i have much more intense and memorable dreams. i think it's time to give these things up as a nightcap, and instead use them as infrequent intoxicants.

i was also finally not an insufferable bitch to my Man last night. got home at about 5:15pm, cleaned a bit, and got an half-hour long head rub, which left me gelatinous and drooling in his lap. then i went to the store to buy dinner fixins, and made chicken and portobello for me, and a french bread pizza for him.

watched bad sci-fi, then the show crossing over where John Edward talks to the dead people who are nearby. went to bed at midnight, and sleep soundly with some interesting dreams. huzzah. i feel quite refreshed today. i think bitch-mode is over, perhaps (knock on wood).

more later when i'm done building stuff.