When a woman enters a bathroom there are many possibilities, each of which has its own unique response:

1. the bathroom has other occupants

pee and wash your hands.

2. the bathroom is empty

pee, and if the coast seems clear, perform other potentially noisy, smelly bodily functions. this is done AS QUIETLY as possible! handwashing when the bathroom is empty is purely optional. unlike men, we ladies don't have to have direct hand-to-genital contact to pee (we have a hand/genital toilet paper buffer zone).

3. someone enters the bathroom while you are going:

you have two options. either:

a. finish as quickly as possible and exit the bathroom while the other woman is still in the stall. even if you are not making poops, you don't want anyone to think you are by staying in the stall for a long time.

b. sit quietly and pretend she is not there (etiquette states that women do NOT acknowledge in ANY way women in other stalls). wait until the other woman is gone and continue on with your business. this is called going into "stealth mode".

4. you hear/smell someone elses noisy, smelly bodily functions:

do NOT acknowledge this in any way! the other womans dignity must be saved. finish your business and leave the bathroom as quickly as possible, AVOID CONTACT WITH THE OFFENDER AT ANY COST! if you make it out of the stall before her SKIP HANDWASHING AND EXIT THE BATHROOM.

as a side note, and a tip to the ladies: whenever possible use the handicapped stall. it is larger, and tends to be father away from the door. less people use it and so it tends to be at least marginally less gross.