There is safety in numbers.

We check ourselves in the mirror.

Chatter between the stalls only goes on if the women in the restroom know each other. It is rare that anyone will actually strike up a conversation in the restroom with a stranger.

The Second and third stalls always seem to go first. At least in America, if someone is in the second, the next person to come in will take the fourth ( if that's an option.) I don't know about elsewhere, but I do know here that Americans like their space.

Most of the females I know always check the toilet paper situation before they do their business. But, they will ask if there isn't any available.

We go in packs to chat. And no, we aren't always talking about males. Lots of times we talk about other females.

We check our hair, our makeup, to see if our ass looks big in the pants we have on.

Of course these are just generalizations, different women, and different groups of women definitely have their own practices.

The differences between Male and Female restroom behavior really didn't strike me until my first year of college. I had always just assumed that a restroom was the same no matter what configuration the vaguely human shape on the door was. Evidently I was wrong. I was feeling ill in class one day. I was probably muttering and complaining a lot about my headache.
A girl sitting close to me offered this advice, "Why don't you go lie down in the bathroom until you feel better?"
I was shocked. Lie down in the bathroom! I glanced around and felt justified that all the guys in ear shot looked just as shocked as I.
"Why on gods green earth would I want to lie in the bathroom?" All the while I was thinking, where, would I lie in the bathroom. On the floor amongst the errant urine? Across the top of the sink counter, that would invariably be covered with pools of water?
"Just lay on the couch and relax", she offered.
Couch! Was she high? Couch!? What the hell was she talking about. This warranted investigation.
A group of my friends and I stood and exited the classroom mid-lecture. We marched down the hall and entered the women’s restroom.
There, sitting along one luxuriously clean wall was a couch. It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen. It smelled nice too. It was if we had entered a parallel dimension. Only, the inhabitants of this strange new world didn't pee all over the floor in their haste to exit as quickly as possible and with as little socialization as necessary to satisfy their bladder tasks.

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