i decided this morning that i should have gotten three stones in the ring i bought for mom, ruby, amethyst, and opal. so i ordered a new ring. since the first ring i bought (and which arrived yesterday) is non-returnable, i think i may keep it for myself. we shall see. the ring is very pretty, but i really felt that in order for the ring to be a really nice mother's ring, i wanted her stone. see, me and my sister, we're not like my mother's children. well, we are, but we're also gabbing girlfriends, friends, equals. leaving mom's birthstone out implies some sort of separation or difference between the relationship between me and my sister and the relationship between us all. so. i ordered another ring.

tonight i will try to finish up the first attempts at my gift for grandma. i have created a sun shaped mold with a rough mold of my face in the center. tonight it will be casted in permastone.

i think i have found a solution to the problem of cozmo and how i can keep him and still spend weekend time in virginia if i am so inclined. i will bring the idea up to my boyfriend and his roommates. i will buy a crate, food and water dish, and a space heater. then he can stay in their enclosed porch at night and while we're out. we'll see how this idea is recieved.

for now, i have a lot of work to do. more later...
this week is busy as fuck, and i'd been worried that some tasks, tossed at me out of nowhere, might not get done well enough to pass muster. well. things seem to be working okay so far. despite having to work with a stupid, sexist, bumbling fool, things are going well. seems like he actually did some things properly.

my main development tasks are on hold for a few days so i can get this stuff done, but it's kind of nice taking a break from coding to write simple documents and

guh. i spoke too soon. so nothing is working, actually. and it all has to do with shit from the stupid, sexist, bumbling fool. ugh. i should have knocked on wood after having thought things were going well. bah.
and things just got worse from there. i am too stressed to stop and think about hard links. the sexist stupid guy fucked up a cd creation. as a result, all unix source code has ^M newlines, and none of the windows code compiles. after asking him to make a new cd, he refused. i told him then that he could have the responsibility for this task. he said okay, so i went to the bossman and explained that alberto refused to make a new cd, and as such he was going to take responsibility. he told me to tell him to "make that fucking cd or there would be hell to pay". after passing along the message he still refused. after more threats, he agreed. but he made the cd incorrectly, yet again. windows code would not compile. he mentioned extra steps would be required to build the windows code, as it contained source code we didn't develop. i asked him for the extra steps necessary, and he said he didn't know. i asked why he thought it was outside his realm of responsibility to know how to work with a cd of source code he created. he said i was the person who compiles, it wasn't his job to know. but oh ho ho. yeah it is his job to know. recently, he said he would perform test builds of newly checked-in code, so that he could inform developers of problems. then i do an official build which gets turned over to QA for testing. so he is supposed to know how to assemble the software. but he doesn't. i tried explaining to him several times what we need from this cd. voices were raised. he asked me to show some respect and i yelled "i have none for you". a crowd had gathered. i told him to leave my office and when he wouldn't i shut the door on him, tired of explaining the obvious to him over and over again. he simply refuses to take responsibility. for anything. he only does the minimal necessary. when he fucks up he blames anyone but himself.

so i just go home. it's not worth getting so bent over work.

get home. cozmo got out of his room. the house is in shambles. he chewed up paper and a styrofoam thingie. then there was the poop and pee. i can't punish him for it. i got to work shortly after six, and i got home around six. i usually leave between three and four, but this fucked up situation held me up. he couldn't hold it that long. it's my own fault. but it doesn't help my mood at all.

so i vacuumed up the stuff he chewed and steam cleaned the stuff he excreted. now i'm going to chill the fuck out. adios.