monday morning

well, saturday or sunday i was supposed to get a call from the doctor. her suspicion is that i have a stone or scar tissue remaining in the bile duct causing pain worse than the gallbladder attacks i had which necessitated surgery in the first place. friday was excruciating. i went to the emergency clinic and their first initial concern was that my pulse was 120 despite a blood pressure that was normal (100/80). as the pain eased, so did my pulse. the second time the doc checked it i was at a comfortable 70. while the pain is present i get so hot and sweaty -- that also eases with the pain. the doc took blood, letting me know that the tests she was going to perform may indicate a gallstone or scar tissue, but that if it comes up negative it doesn't mean there's no stone. ugh. i don't want to go through this all over again. this morning i was hoping that maybe the doc had called my work number and left a message there about the result, but no such luck.

so nervously i wait.

coffee, coffee, coffee.

the weekend was fun. friday, the man insisted we get a hand-crank ice cream maker, but after hitting more than 10 stores we had only found electric ice cream makers which use no ice... instead the metal drum must be frozen overnight. finally we found the closest we were gunna get. a bucket-type ice cream maker with an electric motor. we found it at walmart, in the toy section. we took it home, made some ice cream, and had a midnight barbeque.

saturday evening was a night of sushi gluttony.

sunday, despite the forcasters prediction of a wonderful weekend, was rainy. very. sunday i headed back to maryland, singing along with the cd that the man made for me. then i slept most of the day.

now it's the start of another week. i'll keep ya posted...

monday afternoon

still no word from the doc. despite all the weird gallbladder crap going on, i'm in pretty high spirits.

i feel the results of the verison strikes. i cannot get through to 411. ah well. i found a way around it.

more storms coming. of course. this is the summer for non-stop rain, it seems. the power is going on and off. thunder is loud, lightning is cool, but the rain hasn't actually started falling yet. any minute now, though.