Today, today, today... Hmmm let me think

The last few days I have had to waste my time assisting someone with a shitty little game that will eventually be comming out called Kingdom Hearts. Aaaaaaaaah the torture.

Words cannot begin to describe the game but I think that I can attempt to really try here.

The entire story to the best of my telling is something along these lines.

Firstly Square software creates rising expectations by creating several games. They get feedback that essentially says that people like bigger and better graphics in movies. Thirdly they then have the attemtp to assume that this is a popular thing and attempt to do this on their own. Fourthly they do so and basically for some reason (that I will not attempt to fathom exactly here) it fails to get a great deal of money and instead is a massive financial loss. Sixth desperate for money they look for some sort of commercial benefactor that will get them out of the slump they were in. Seventh they find a group like that in Disney which has tons of money but little brain power in terms of content that educated people will care about.

Now this is where rant time gets into play. I might even get this little essay up and running but basically I totally hate the whole idea. In fact I am more than hateing the little thing. I am in appoplexy about it.

I sure would like feedback about the whole little thing because it burns me to hell to think that people actually like this thing.

Square sure was cleaver about this little venture into whoreing themselves with this one.

Tell me who has played a Final Fantasy series game before? Or better yet who has played a Square game before? Well if you have you have some idea about what I speak then. People on these games are multi-dimentional and have multifaceted natures about them. They will actually be more real than most people. They have motivation, planning, and such and will be able to show good and evil aspects of their personalities much more readily than most people. They give semi-lengthy summaries of their philosophies and the villians will usually give some nice existentialist or nihilist or maybe even panaphobic rationale for their actions.

Contrast this with a Disney work of any form. Now I am sure that someone will tell me all kinds of silly things assuming they look hard enough. I remember once one person that I knew in a college class was writing a paper on how Winnie the Poo has all sorts of Taoist principles and the like. Fine but these are the kinds of people that automatically assume that Eernie and Bert are subtle attempt to brainwash children into becomming homosexuals or something.

The people are flat, they story is incipid, the people are either all good or all evil. You could see them a mile a way; and this was in the past of the company. Now it's also stupid and foolish as well and has little of the value of philosophy.