An unnecessary, superfluous nipple. Nothing to be ashamed of, but shouldn't you have that looked at? Notable television characters with a third nipple: Chandler Bing from "Friends" and Krusty The Clown from "The Simpsons".

Contrary to popular opinion - a big mole on one's chest (not matter what proximity to the pectoralis major) is not a third nipple.

Yes, I have one; and no, I'm not bitter.

Another notable 3rd nipple character...Joseph Scaramanga from The Man With the Golden Gun, a James Bond film. Bond uses a fake nipple provided by Q to impersonate Scaramanga.

The third nipple was made famous by both the movie Mall Rats and the television show Friends. In Mall Rats, the main characters visit a topless fortune teller in a mall who has a (fake) 3rd nipple. After the characters leave she pulls it off and eats it. In Friends, the character Chandler has a 3rd nipple. It is never shown, but is mentioned many times in various episodes before he has it surgically removed in a later season.

The third nipple was said to be the devil's mark, particularly when used to identify witches in the Salem Witch Trials and other witch hunts of the time.

Alleged witches were accused of suckling their familiars by this third nipple.

Often third nipples will be moles, warts or wens, and rarely will be an actual nipple with aureolae attached to milk ducts or breast tissue.

During the witch trials they were found almost anywhere on the torso, but obviously by definition are found around the chest area.

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